Modelling Paste Premium 500ml (16.9oz)

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Mont Marte Premium Modelling Paste is fantastic for creating textured backgrounds on a variety of surfaces. Depth of texture can be built up by adding layers once paste is dry. Small objects may also be embedded into the paste for other 3D effects. Mix in acrylic paint for a soft pastel colour to create textured artwork. Great when applied with Mont Marte palette knives. Clean up with water.


  • Ideal for building paint layers or creating textured artworks
  • Dries to a hard, white finish
  • Acrylic or oil paint can be used over the top, or mix in acrylic paint for a pastel colour
  • Apply with a palette knife to build 3D effects and texture
  • Build depth by adding layers once paste is dry
  • Embed small objects into paste for extra effect
  • Wait approx. 30mins of drying time for every 5mm of product 

Handy hints:

  • Achieve desired thickness by building up layers (allowing each to dry before applying the next)
  • A hair dryer can be used to speed up drying process, allow final layer to air dry (to minimise chance of cracking) 
  • Clean up with warm soapy water while wet