Gloss Acrylic Varnish Signature 250ml (8.5 US fl.oz)

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Seal, protect and extend the life of your acrylic paintings with our Gloss Acrylic Varnish 250ml. This gloss polymer varnish dries in approx. 30mins to a clear, high gloss finish and helps boost paint vibrancy. Plus, it protects against dust, UV light and weather conditions so artworks can look their best for longer. Seal the deal and pick up a gloss varnish for acrylic paint, so you can enjoy your paintings for years to come.  


  • Finishing varnish for acrylic paintings
  • Acrylic gloss varnish dries in approx. 30mins to a transparent, high gloss finish
  • Seals and protects artworks from dust, helping them to last longer
  • Enhances acrylic paint vibrancy 
  • Non toxic and water based for easy cleaning (when wet)


  • Lay canvas flat and apply varnish with a soft taklon brush
  • Clean up with warm soapy water while wet

Handy hints:

  • Work quickly and apply product in long, fluid strokes, don’t re-work after first application
  • Varnish will self-level on a flat surface, so brush strokes disappear
  • For a more fluid application, thin with water until desired consistency. For best results, max water to varnish ratio is 1:1. Let mixture stand for 10 mins so that bubbles can dissipate before application


  • Varnishing
  • Glazing
  • Decoupage