DIY Party Masks Discovery 4pc - Masquerade

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Decorate, paint or craft on our DIY Party Masks 4pc. Inside the pack are four Eye masks made with recycled paper. These paper mache masks offer a slightly textured cardboard surface durable enough for a heavier hand. They also feature a stretchy elastic to fit a range of wearers while keeping the mask secure. Add your creative touch with paint, markers, glitter, fabrics and more. Whether you're partying, performing or playing dress up, grab a craft mask to help set the scene.


  • Blank masks are great for decorating, painting, crafting and costumes
  • Lightweight carboard texture is comfortable to wear
  • Ideal for paint, markers, glitter, glues, fabrics and more
  • Made with recycled paper 
  • Comes with elastic to keep mask secure, approx. L 250mm
  • Suitable for adults 
  • Mask size measures: W 200 x H 128 x D 70mm
  • Range designs include: Butterfly, Eye Mask, Masquerade, Cat, Half Butterfly, Skull, Flame and Mime masks

Handy hint:

  • Mask sizes may vary slightly due to manufacturing process and the mask is able to flex